Exploring AI-Enhanced Enterprise Networking with Juniper

DateJun 12, 2024

In this conversation, Bob Laliberte, principal analyst at theCUBE Research, is joined by Bob Friday, chief AI officer and CTO of enterprise at Juniper Networks, and Kanika Atri, senior director of product management at Juniper, to discuss the pioneering integration of native artificial intelligence into edge routers that Juniper has developed.

This video digs into Juniper’s most recent developments, such as Mist Routing Assurance and Marvis for routing, both of which represent substantial breakthroughs in artificial intelligence-driven network management. With these improvements, the user experience would be optimized, sustainability goals will be met, and operational efficiency will be increased across wide area network environments (WAN).

Discover how artificial intelligence may be strategically implemented in networks and information technology in general; how cloud-based AIOps can improve enterprise routing; and the broader implications that AI has for modern network architecture.

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