Explore Power, Data, and Cooling Infrastructure in this Data Center Tour

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DateJun 23, 2024

Typically, filming inside data centers is prohibited, but a previous video on an abandoned data center by the creator caught significant attention. This led to an invitation from Deft, a much larger, modern data center, to offer a guided tour, which is now featured in this video.

Deft’s team provided a comprehensive look at their power, cooling, and data infrastructure. The tour begins in the centrifugal UPS room, showcasing a unique spinning UPS system instead of traditional batteries. This system can switch from municipal power loss to UPS power in just 16 seconds, ensuring continuous operations.

The diesel generator room was another highlight. These generators, capable of producing 500 KW to 2.5 MW each, are equipped with dual starter motors and advanced fuel filtration systems, ensuring redundancy and reliability. These generators can power up to full speed in 16 seconds, providing a robust backup power source.

Cooling systems were also a major focus. Deft uses redundant pumps and centrifugal chillers to maintain optimal temperatures. They have massive 1.5-ton air handlers and million-gallon water tanks that are chilled at night to reduce energy costs during peak times. This system efficiently manages the heat generated by high-density servers.

Fiber optics and data connectivity were equally impressive. Deft’s network infrastructure includes extensive fiber cross-connects and advanced Juniper switch equipment, ensuring robust and reliable data transmission. They also offer modular power distribution units (PDUs) that can be easily reconfigured to meet changing power needs, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Deft’s commitment to redundancy and maintenance is evident throughout their operations. They maintain a well-stocked parts and service room, with spare drives, cables, and power distribution units ready to address any issues quickly. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and ensures continuous service for their clients.

The tour concludes with a look at Deft’s secure colo cabinets, designed to accommodate various customer needs. These cabinets feature combination locks, fingerprint access, and biometric systems, ensuring the highest level of security.

Overall, this tour provides a fascinating glimpse into the sophisticated infrastructure that powers modern data centers. Deft’s emphasis on redundancy, efficiency, and security highlights their dedication to maintaining uninterrupted operations for their clients. This video offers a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of a state-of-the-art data center, showcasing the technology and expertise that keep the digital world running smoothly.

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