Eric Stevens (Pax8)

DateJun 17, 2024

Pax8, the leading cloud commerce marketplace, today announced it has named Eric Stevens as Chief AI Officer. In this newly created position, Stevens will report to Scott Chasin, Chief Executive Officer, and own the strategic implementation of AI technologies, infrastructure, and practices.

“AI is about to completely revolutionize the world, and the vision for an AI-empowered Marketplace cannot be underestimated,” said Stevens. “Undertaking the role of Chief AI Officer of Pax8 is an incredible opportunity and exciting challenge that I’m eager to embark on.”  

Under Stevens’ leadership, his dedicated AI team, as well as the Data Analytics, Engineering, and Science teams, will spearhead the innovation and transformation of the Marketplace, enabling Pax8 to deliver more value, efficiency, and intelligence to its partners, vendors, and customers. In addition, as the industry and governments respond with best practices and regulations, Stevens’ team will help to ensure that Pax8 successfully navigates this complex space as they set policies on responsible and ethical use of AI and oversee corporate strategy for all AI initiatives.

“I’m thrilled to share the news that Eric Stevens has been promoted to the pivotal role of Chief AI Officer,” said Chasin. “Continuing to invest in our AI capabilities represents the strategic nature and impact that it has on Pax8, our partners, and the industry. I’m delighted to see Eric take on this crucial role that will significantly transform how the Marketplace delivers value to our ecosystem.”

About Pax8

Pax8 is the technology marketplace of the future, linking partners, vendors, and small to midsized businesses (SMBs) through AI-powered insights and comprehensive product support. With a global partner ecosystem of over 30,000 managed service providers, Pax8 empowers SMBs worldwide by providing software and services that unlock their growth potential and enhance their security. Committed to innovating cloud commerce at scale, Pax8 drives customer acquisition and solution consumption across its entire ecosystem.

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