Dr. Dean Kassmann (IonQ)

DateJun 22, 2024

IonQ, a leader in the quantum computing industry, recently announced the promotion of Dr. Dean Kassmann to Senior Vice President of IonQ’s newly formed Engineering and Technology division, following his tenure as Vice President of Engineering. This promotion recognizes Dr. Kassmann’s significant contributions and leadership over the last two and a half years, where his work promoted IonQ’s business growth and technical innovation.

Dr. Kassmann has over 30 years of leadership experience in software, hardware, and technology development, having held positions at Aspen Technology, Amazon, and Blue Origin. Since joining IonQ, he and his team have achieved several important milestones, including:

Achieved IonQ’s algorithmic qubit (#AQ) milestones ahead of schedule three times, ranging from six months to a year early;Filed 166 US and 22 foreign patent applications;Provided invaluable support to customers like the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and QuantumBasel;Acquired and integrated Entangled Networks’ team and technologies within the IonQ ecosystem;Launched both IonQ Aria systemsDeveloped IonQ Forte Enterprise

“Dr. Kassmann has played a pivotal role in some of IonQ’s most important achievements, and his impressive track record with both technical and business results makes him the ideal choice for this new division,” said Peter Chapman, President and CEO of IonQ. “Dr. Kassmann’s leadership has been instrumental in driving our key initiatives forward, and his vision for the future of quantum computing aligns perfectly with our strategic goals. We are confident that under his guidance, IonQ will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in our field.”

About IonQ

IonQ, Inc. is a leader in quantum computing that delivers high-performance systems capable of solving the world’s largest and most complex commercial and research use cases. IonQ’s current generation quantum computer, IonQ Forte, is the latest in a line of cutting-edge systems, boasting 36 algorithmic qubits. The company’s innovative technology and rapid growth were recognized in Fast Company’s 2023 Next Big Things in Tech List and Deloitte’s 2023 Technology Fast 500™ List, respectively. Available through all major cloud providers, IonQ is making quantum computing more accessible and impactful than ever before.

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