DevSecOps: Cloud is a Pattern, Not a Place

DateJun 18, 2024

Trying to convince employees who have spent decades working in the legacy sector to adopt a DevSecOps cloud operating paradigm is a difficult and unpleasant process.

Retorts like “I’m not a coder” have been heard from them. “ClickOps is faster and better” . “I’m only going to build this once, writing code is overkill” . “DevOps is not my job” . To hear the amazing and captivating metaphor that Brian Moore used to win over those who are on the fence about his position, join him. This is not a “Cattle vs. Pets!” contest! The information in this webinar is something you probably have never heard before, and you will leave the event ready to share it with your own organization.

HashiCorp is a provider of infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud settings. This product enables businesses to unlock a common cloud operating paradigm, which enables them to create, protect, connect, and execute any application on any infrastructure. By assisting businesses in making the move from manual procedures and ITIL norms to self-service automation and DevOps techniques, the HashiCorp technologies Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, Boundary, and Waypoint make it possible for corporations to deliver applications more quickly.

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