DE-CIX and NOCIX Collaborate, Enhancing Connectivity for Kansas City

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DateJun 15, 2024

Global Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX has entered into a strategic partnership with NOCIX, a Kansas City-based data center operator and dedicated server provider. This collaboration will interconnect NOCIX’s Kansas City data center with DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges in New York City and Dallas.

This move allows NOCIX customers to directly access over 280 networks in New York and 150 in Dallas, alongside remote connectivity to DE-CIX exchanges from Phoenix to Frankfurt, ensuring low-latency and affordable interconnection options.

Colocation and dedicated server solutions provider NOCIX aims to enhance its service offerings with this partnership. Customers would benefit from connections to major regional IXs like SIX in Seattle and MICE in Minneapolis, expanding their reach across 14 IXs in the US.

Ed d’Agostino, Vice President of DE-CIX North America, praised the partnership, highlighting its potential to bridge connectivity gaps and bring a global interconnection ecosystem to Kansas City.

Aaron Wendel from NOCIX emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating that it provides new capabilities and ensures business continuity for customers affected by recent changes in the industry. Mr. Wendel highlighted that the geographical location of Kansas City, with its strategic central positioning in the US, allows for minimal latency to both coasts.

Data Center Operators

DE-CIX’s turnkey connectivity solution enables data centers outside major metropolitan areas to access regional, national, and international networks. This approach would help close gaps in the national connectivity map and offers regional data centers instant access to DE-CIX’s carrier and data center-neutral ecosystem. The interconnected DE-CIX IXs in New York and Dallas link to other US IXs, providing remote peering options in cities like Chicago, Phoenix, and Richmond, and cloud connectivity in Seattle.

Mr. d’Agostino noted that the agreement showcases how data center operators can leverage DE-CIX’s neutrality to access key networks, especially content that is not locally available. This capability supports regional connectivity and helps grow revenue streams for regional data centers, presenting a way to address the digital divide across the nation.

End customers of DE-CIX are directly managed, reducing the operational burden on data center operators and allowing them to enhance their colocation services. The turnkey solution, which shifts the access layer from physical to VLAN, is cost-effective and easy to implement. This setup avoids additional cross-connect costs, making interconnection affordable and presenting new revenue opportunities for data centers.

Furthermore, data centers can use the solution for their own traffic, offer connectivity services to customers, and provide additional cloud connectivity options. The service is also available as a white-label solution, enabling data centers to enrich their service portfolios with turnkey connectivity solutions.

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