David Linthicum Discusses Cloud Migration and AI at HPE Discover 2024

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DateJun 24, 2024

David Linthicum, Principal Analyst at theCUBE Research, joined Dave Vellante and John Furrier for a live discussion at HPE Discover 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. Linthicum, also a luminary speaker at the event, shared insights on cloud migration failures and the evolving landscape of on-prem and cloud computing.

The conversation opened with Linthicum reflecting on the shift from purely cloud-based solutions to more heterogeneous architectures that blend cloud and on-prem hardware. He highlighted that many enterprises have discovered that simply lifting and shifting applications to the cloud without optimization leads to higher costs. This realization became particularly evident during the pandemic when large cloud bills surprised many organizations.

Linthicum explained that many companies didn’t modernize their applications before migrating to the cloud, resulting in inefficiencies. He pointed out that cloud providers like AWS have emphasized cloud optimization, but achieving this requires significant investment in re-architecting applications to leverage cloud-native features.

The discussion also touched on the growing trend of repatriation, where companies move workloads back on-premises. Linthicum noted that this movement is driven by the need for cost control and the ability to better manage resources.

The session concluded with Linthicum advising HPE to focus on simplifying AI integration and providing pre-packaged AI solutions. He suggested that HPE should develop comprehensive architectures and use cases to guide enterprises in effectively deploying AI technologies. This approach, he argued, would help HPE compete with cloud providers by offering convenient and optimized on-prem solutions.

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