AWS re:Inforce 2024 – Keynote with AWS CISO Chris Betz

DateJun 17, 2024

In this keynote at AWS re:Inforce 2024, AWS CISO Chris Betz discusses the most recent developments and the company’s strategy for security, highlighting how AWS protects the cloud and enables businesses to move swiftly and safely.

Chris Betz is joined by Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt to hear his distinct viewpoint on how a robust security culture may help your company safely use generative AI. The decisions that are essential to attaining security at the corporate level are disclosed by Eli Lilly’s Ash Edmondson, AVP of Security Architecture and Engineering. Learn how to put their ideas into practice and see product demos as they provide advice on how to use AWS solutions to secure your infrastructure, apps, and customer data.

AWS Private CA Connector for SCEP, Passkeys as 2nd Factor Authenticators in AWS IAM, IAM Access Analyzer’s unused access findings recommendation, Malware Protection for S3 Amazon GuardDuty, and Generative AI Powered query generation AWS CloudTrail Lake are just a few of the exciting new AWS products that are being unveiled during this keynote.

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