AMD’s Marty Poniatowski on AI and GPU Demand at HPE 2024

DateJun 24, 2024

In a new episode of theCUBE’s live coverage last week at HPE Discover 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante welcomed Marty Poniatowski, Presales Director for East, Central, and Canada at AMD. Poniatowski discussed AMD’s role in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, emphasizing the increasing demand for GPUs and the broader ecosystem of connectivity and switches surrounding them.

Poniatowski highlighted AMD’s Instinct GPU family, specifically the MI300X, which boasts 192 GB of memory, making it ideal for large-scale AI training. He stressed the importance of offering alternatives to avoid customer lock-in, a critical concern for many of AMD’s mega customers in New York who prefer diverse suppliers for their technology needs.

The discussion also covered AMD’s comprehensive approach, combining high-performance CPUs (like the EPYC family) and GPUs with flexible software frameworks like PyTorch and JAX. These frameworks ensure that customers are not tied to specific hardware, promoting an open-source, adaptable environment. 

Poniatowski emphasized AMD’s strategic acquisitions, such as Xilinx, which bring FPGA capabilities into the fold, enabling custom hardware solutions for edge computing and AI workloads. This adaptability is crucial in sectors like automotive and healthcare, where tailored solutions are increasingly in demand.

The conversation concluded with insights into data center modernization, the importance of efficient power and cooling solutions, and the future of AI and edge computing. AMD continues to position itself as a versatile, high-performance alternative in the tech industry, driving innovation and meeting diverse customer needs.

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