Actis Unveils New Asian Data Center Operator, Epoch Digital

DateJun 21, 2024

Actis, an international investor known for its sustainable infrastructure projects, has introduced Epoch Digital, a brand-new data center platform that is poised to transform the Asian data center industry. To provide reliable and sustainable data center solutions to key emerging markets in the area, this ambitious program seeks to build a portfolio with over 200MW of IT capacity across projects in Taiwan, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Epoch Digital would be able to meet the growing needs of hyperscalers including cloud service providers (CSPs) and major IT corporations. The data center platform’s operational and geographic variety is intended to leverage the impending demand in key Asian countries. Actis has a track record of success in the area, which would make Epoch Digital a viable endeavor to meet the ever expanding demands for data.

The inaugural projects under Epoch Digital include a 23MW IT capacity data center in Taipei, Taiwan; a 120MW capacity center in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, targeting demand from Singapore, which has a moratorium on data center development since 2019; and a new development in Greater Seoul, South Korea. These projects are part of a broader strategy to build, own, and operate scalable data centers across Asia, meeting the region’s burgeoning data requirements.

The management of Epoch Digital is spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer Hak Kiat Chng and Chief Operating Officer Pei Ping Lim, who bring over a decade of collaboration and have collectively overseen the development of more than 250MW of IT capacity in the target markets. Their expertise and leadership are expected to drive Epoch Digital’s success in delivering cutting-edge data center solutions.

Asian Growth Markets

Actis‘s experience in the data center industry is extensive, with a history of developing and operating facilities globally, totaling over 300MW in IT capacity. The company’s previous successes in Asia include the development of commercial hyperscale data centers in Seoul, South Korea, demonstrating its capability to deliver significant assets to hyperscaler customers. Epoch Digital leverages this deep expertise, focusing on energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to support the decarbonization efforts of hyperscale customers.

Thomas Liu, Partner and Head of Greater China and Asia Data Centers at Actis, emphasized the strategic importance of Epoch Digital. “The launch of Epoch Digital marks a pivotal moment in Actis’s data center strategy. The demand from large global tech hyperscalers drives the need for tailored solutions, especially in Asian growth markets where cost-effective, decarbonized, and scalable data centers are in high demand. Epoch Digital is designed to meet these needs, and we look forward to working with Hak Kiat and Pei Ping to deliver these solutions to our customers.”

Dalmar Sheikh, Director and Global Head of Data Center Operations at Actis, highlighted the platform’s potential. “Epoch Digital is well-equipped for success, drawing on the wider Actis network. With the exponential rise in data demand, there is a significant supply need that must be met in both data center and energy sectors. Our focus on designing green data centers with lower PUE than the market average positions us to offer a compelling and sustainable solution.”

Hak Kiat Chng, CEO of Epoch Digital, pointed out the transformative impact of emerging technologies. “The rise of generative AI is accelerating industry transformation, driving the need for larger data center capacities. This evolution underscores the critical partnership between data center providers and IT tech giants in supporting the necessary infrastructure for this technological revolution. Epoch Digital is strategically positioned in both mature and emerging markets within the Asia Pacific to foster collaboration and support this explosive growth potential.”

Actis’s commitment to Epoch Digital would underscore its broader investment strategy in digital infrastructure. With over US$1.5 billion invested in the sector, Actis is solidifying its leadership in providing sustainable, cutting-edge data solutions in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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