5C Data Centers Announces New CMH01 Campus in Columbus, Ohio

DateJun 19, 2024

Data center services provider 5C Data Centers (5CDC) has announced the development of its next major data center campus, CMH01, in the rapidly growing Columbus, Ohio region. This announcement follows the acquisition of an existing data center facility, marking a significant expansion for 5CDC in one of North America’s most dynamic data center markets.

The acquired site covers over 1,742,400 square feet of land and includes a 66,000 square foot operational data center. 5CDC plans to expand the facility by an additional 320,000 square feet in the next development phase, significantly boosting its capacity to support high-performance applications for hyperscale, AI, and cloud customers.

A strong partnership with the local utility provider has been instrumental in accelerating the site expansion. The project has secured 200MW of power capacity, with the first 100MW scheduled for delivery by the first quarter of 2025. The initial shell is fully leased and will reach its full capacity by the third quarter of 2024. This groundwork paves the way for further scalability as additional power capacity becomes available.

Steve Perez, Founder and President of 5CDC, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “We are excited about this new acquisition and development in the Columbus, Ohio region. Initial discussions with our hyperscale and large cloud customers revealed significant interest, resulting in the first phase of the project already being sold out. Once fully developed, CMH01 will be one of the largest data center campuses in the region.”

Nick Etscheid, Chief Corporate Development Officer of 5CDC, highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition: “The acquisition of the facility in the Columbus, Ohio region marks a significant milestone for 5CDC. This is the first of many mega-campuses we plan to announce, and we are excited about CMH01 given the strong fundamentals and scalability of this particular area for our customers.”

Hyperscale, AI, and Cloud Computing Applications

The success of 5CDC‘s expansion in Ohio is underpinned by strong collaboration with local government bodies, which have played a crucial role in facilitating the project. 5CDC is committed to driving economic growth in the region, emphasizing sustainability and market expansion. 

Benjamin Basson, Senior Vice President of Business Development at 5CDC, elaborated on the company’s commitment to the local community: “We are delighted to be working with local partners in Ohio to expand 5CDC’s presence while driving economic development by adding many high-quality, high-paying jobs. Equally important, 5CDC is strongly focused on local sustainability initiatives to ensure our growth aligns with positive impact in the communities where we operate.”

The development of CMH01 would represent a significant step forward for 5CDC, positioning the company to meet the increasing demand for data center capacity driven by the proliferation of hyperscale, AI, and cloud computing applications. As 5CDC continues to expand its footprint, the Columbus, Ohio region is set to become a critical hub for the company’s operations, supporting its mission to deliver state-of-the-art data center services to its growing customer base.

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