Alianza Unveils CLOUDEDGE to Transform Telecom Cloud Migration

DateMay 12, 2024

Alianza, a U.S. platform provider delivering cloud-native, carrier-grade communications for service providers, has announced CLOUDEDGE, its newest innovation, which is poised to transform cloud migration methods for telecom service providers. The goal of this new platform is to make it easier for the millions of phone lines in North America that still rely on antiquated legacy voice communication technologies to be converted to more effective cloud-based infrastructures.

CLOUDEDGE aims to provide telecommunications service providers with a streamlined and low-risk solution to modernize their network operations. This launch represents a significant leap forward in managing the complex and often cumbersome legacy systems that many telcos have grappled with for over a decade.

The challenge for telcos has been maintaining legacy services while simultaneously developing and launching new capabilities. This dual burden has not only stifled revenue growth but also left providers vulnerable to competitive threats from over-the-top (OTT) services, which do not face the same infrastructural constraints. These competitors would often offer more flexible and innovative services without the need to adhere to the stringent regulatory standards that traditional telcos must follow.

Alianza’s CLOUDEDGE addresses these issues by offering telcos a viable path to migrate their most complex time-division multiplexing (TDM) infrastructures to the cloud. While previous solutions allowed for the cloud integration of newer Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and softswitch services, they fell short in safely transitioning extensive TDM routes, according to Alianza. CLOUDEDGE’s technology promises to handle such transitions with minimal risk to service reliability.

‘Journey Towards the Telco 3.0 Reality’

The platform’s capabilities are broad and address multiple operational needs. CLOUDEDGE supports mixed-access use cases by managing gateways that accommodate various access technologies, which enables telcos to meet diverse customer requirements. It also offers protocol translation to ensure seamless communication across different networks and improved connectivity.

One of the standout features of CLOUDEDGE is its ability to provide emergency standalone services. This feature guarantees uninterrupted communication during critical times by routing local voice and 911 traffic for both SIP and non-SIP endpoints, thus enhancing the reliability and resilience of services.

Dag Peak, Chief Product Officer of Alianza, highlighted the significance of CLOUDEDGE in the ongoing transformation within the telecommunications sector. “The development of CLOUDEDGE marks a significant milestone in the journey towards the Telco 3.0 reality of modernized telco operations,” said Mr. Peak. He emphasized that with CLOUDEDGE, telcos can confidently embark on their cloud transformation journeys, equipped with a robust platform that supports their evolving needs and pushes the boundaries of what is possible as innovation continues.

Moreover, the consolidation of all core communication services onto a single platform through CLOUDEDGE would lead to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for telcos. Streamlined business management and billing processes, enhanced by an integrated application programming interface (API), would allow for more effective management of customer operations and integration with other cloud-based solutions. This, in turn, may free up resources that can be redirected towards innovation and staying competitive in the fast-evolving telecommunications landscape.

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